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KTX01-HD Pants

KTX01-HD Pants

SKU: 21354654


Bib pants composed of two pieces that can be replaced individually: 1. Bib Pant.

2. Automatic buoyancy integrated into the bib pants ("Sea Airbag System": automatic buoyancy that only activates in contact with water under pressure, that is, when it falls into the water, it does not inflate with waves or rain.)

Set is designed based on the habits of the crew, so it is used intuitively, aims at "self-care" by each individual.

Designed and patented by CCL Seguridad Marítima SpA® and manufactured in Chile.

Certified and approved by DGTM and Armada de Chile as a rescue device.

Bib pants must be used only with the KTX01-HD JACKET


    -Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL

    -Fabric manufacture with PVC coating (510 gr / m2) on one side and polyester with cotton on the other 8.0 mm fabric thickness.

    -High tensile strength, flexible and lightweight design.

    -Special treatments to endure seawater, extreme temperatures (Coldcrack -15 º), acid splash, bacteria and UV rays.

    -International orange color and reflective tapes to increase visibility.

    -Double seal reinforcement in the crotch, adaptable waist, ankle adjustment by pins.

    -Specially designed to integrate the life vest in a safe and comfortable way.

    -The bib pants acts as a harness.

    -Broad jacket design, double breasted with plastic fasteners, cuff elasticated sleeves, hood cap with drawstring.

    -3 months warranty in both pieces in case of manufacturing defects.

    -It is recommended to wash with neutral detergent and drying with the interior part insideout.


    Being a chilean company we are governed by the laws of our country, so the return of any product is only accepted when there are production failures and the shipment is paid by the customer.

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